Opony Lubin Felgi Castgum Serwis Ogumienia Legnica Polkowice
Wulkanizacja Opony Felgi Serwis Ogumienia
Vulcanization Lubin CastGum
Our factory has been operating since 1999. The assumption is a small family business it's easy for us flexibility in dealing with customers. Replacement of the giant is not our goal even though we offer a wide range of services and goods. We import them to order, as far as possible in one day.
Thanks to this good is always new and features the best quality. Not advocating the purchase of the old, expensive goods residual shelf, but we offer what is now the best. Systematically expanding the scope of our services and range of goods including the sale and service of steel and aluminum wheels.

We prefer the producers present on markets worldwide, known for their good quality and have impeccable references. We assume that the Polish market, for which the price is certainly an important element, you need a quality product. Obviously take into account the possibility of customers and tailor products to their needs.

Vulcanization of tires wheels Lubin